Arwen Becker Love Of God

050: The Love of God is Everything with Arwen Becker

By lifewitharwen / October 26, 2021 /

Just when she thought that 2021 had presented enough challenges to deal with, Arwen’s left arm started going numb. In addition to finding out that both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer, and supporting them as best she could, now Arwen needed medical attention as well.  After several hours of testing, the E.R. doctors thought Arwen…

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Angela Henderson

049: A Grateful Life is Our Responsibility with Angela Henderson

By lifewitharwen / August 31, 2021 /

In just eighteen months, Angela Henderson lost four very important people in her life. On Christmas Day, her grandmother died. On Mother’s Day, she lost her brother, and on the following New Year’s Day, a father-figure in her life had also passed away. And two weeks later, one of her close friends was killed on…

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Arwen Becker Problems Are Temporary

048: Current Problems Are Always Temporary with Arwen Becker

By lifewitharwen / August 17, 2021 /

In late February, Arwen’s 80-year-old father fell down the stairs. When he saw the doctor to find out what kind of damage had been done, they learned he’d fractured part of his neck–and also discovered he had metastasized cancer. Later that very same day, her mother found out that she had breast cancer.  They say…

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Katie McDonald

047: Self-Care is Your Birthright with Katie McDonald

By lifewitharwen / August 3, 2021 /

In the corporate world, Katie McDonald was trapped in an endless, unwinnable race. She was selling advertising to huge corporations and in 45 national publications, but she was selling her soul in the process. She wasn’t sleeping. She stayed up all night thinking about the next sale, what she could do differently, all the ways…

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Sheryl Hickerson

046: A Man is Not a Financial Plan (Repost)

By lifewitharwen / July 20, 2021 /

Through divorce, Sheryl Hickerson learned the hard way that a man is not a financial plan. After 25 years of marriage, and standing outside a Michael’s Craft store, with her two grandson’s hands in her own, her husband called to tell her the big news, “I don’t want to be married to you anymore.”      Sheryl is the founder of Females & Finance, a 3000-strong private…

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Kathleen Klawitter

045: Reinvention After Major Head Injury with Kathleen Klawitter

By lifewitharwen / July 6, 2021 /

While walking down the cart path on a golf course, LPGA instructor Kathleen Klawitter was struck in the head by an errant speeding golf ball. In her words, “It felt like a railroad tie had driven straight through my skull and out my left eye socket.” The pain was so excruciating that it felt like…

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jessica conness repost

044: From Victim to Victorious with Jessica Conness(Repost)

By lifewitharwen / June 22, 2021 /

After 24-year-old Jessica Conness told her then-husband that rent was three months behind, he picked her up and threw her through the glass dining room table. When child protective services arrived later that day, they told her that the next time the police were called, they would take custody of her infant daughter. She knew…

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Tina Mitchell

043: Tragedy to Triumph with Tina Mitchell

By lifewitharwen / June 8, 2021 /

When Tina Mitchell was 5 years old, she often played violin at the local market with her younger sister to help her parents keep the roof over their head. And when her father would come home drunk, her mother would take them down to the train station for the night and pretend to go on a trip with…

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Arwen Becker

042: It’s Okay to Want to Quit, Just Don’t with Arwen Becker (Repost)

By lifewitharwen / May 25, 2021 /

When life is collapsing in on you, yet your personal and professional lives are intertwined, how do you persevere? After 17 years of working together, Arwen and her husband made the decision to sell half of their business and she was going to work for someone else. Arwen saw the sale as an opportunity to…

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Barb Provost

041: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Barb Provost

By lifewitharwen / May 18, 2021 /

When Barb Provost’s mom came home from her fourth grade parent-teacher conference, she relayed the teachers’ feedback, “You’re not as smart as the rest of the children, but you’re going to make it.” After hearing this, Barb realized that even if she didn’t fit in now, she knew that her skills and knowledge would be…

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