Meet Arwen

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After finding myself, at 24, a divorced Zoology grad, I had no clue how to handle my finances and needed a job that could pay my mounting bills, since wildlife rehabilitation could not. Connected by a friend, I went on one job interview in March of 2000 and was offered a job.

It was Randy Becker (my now husband) who hired me. Besides him, I also fell in love with the meaningful work of retirement planning and learned, from this seasoned pro, how to care for women in the area of personal finances.

Changing the world one woman at a time


After 17 years in the support and service adviser role, I began my public speaking career. I can easily recall the major trepidation I felt taking that step of faith to give a public event, where I was at the front of the room.

With sweaty palms and my teacup shaking, I found the courage to get out there and serve women in my community, even amid my fear. I believed in the process and knew women needed to hear my message, so I refused to let the anxiety I felt stop me. After I did my first women’s event,

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I was hooked!

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We are not a -women’s only- firm, we employ many great men and some of those are our advisors, BUT being -women-focused- has changed the landscape of everything we do, with the number one promise to -leave people better than we found them-…that includes YOU!