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Myth #1

“Women are a niche”



Women make up a greater percent of the US population than men1, yet I am always shocked when financial professionals comment about the great “niche” I serve when doing women’s financial events. LIFE (Leaders Inspiring Female Empowerment) is dedicated to altering the financial industry, to see women “first”, not as a niche, but to serve them differently, always with the sole promise to -leave them better-.

Ultimately, LIFE with Arwen’s primary focus is to lead advisers/planners to inspire financial empowerment within the women in their communities nationwide; changing the world, one woman at a time.



Women have a heart for service and care deeply about what matters most to them, but may appear “flaky” because they’re busy sacrificing 15% of their working years (verses 1.6% for men) caring for kids and/or their ailing parents2,3. They’re so busy caring for those they love, that they often struggle to make the extra time to handle their finances appropriately. And if part of a couple, they often put themselves in the precarious position of relying too heavily on their spouse/partner, and then being sidelined or totally derailed when they are widowed4,5, divorced6 or once again single, after decades of marriage/partnership.

Additionally, when they do reach out for help, women tell me they are often spoken over or down to, or disqualified because of their lack of understanding, singleness and/or limited resources. These interactions are devastating to women getting the support they need for this important journey of their lives.

Myth #2

“Women are flaky”

Myth #3

“Women don’t have much money”



Women hold 52% of U.S. personal wealth and that number is only continuing to increase as the years move forward7.

With an estimated 30 trillion dollars of wealth being transferred in the next 30 years, and 70% of that will go to women8, LIFE with Arwen is dedicated to the leading and inspiring adviser/planners to get in front of the tidal wave -- to reach, educate and serve those millions of valuable women and their wealth!

Are you ready to seize the
opportunity to change women’s lives?


Let’s change the world, one woman at a time, by serving her better!

How, in the sea of sameness, do you differentiate yourself as a financial planner?

Research shows that there are 30 trillion dollars of untapped financial potential and 2/3 of that going to women over the next 30 years.

In working with me, you will:

  • Learn how to easily add another marketing channel along with the nuances of women’s events.
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself in your current marketplace (whether you are a new or seasoned presenter).
  • Learn how to instantly capture the attention of your audience, identify your three main points and deliver an impactful close that effortlessly obtains appointments at the end of the event.
  • Learn how Arwen generated 400+ first appointments in 2019 (in only two events a month), doubled the firm’s revenue in two years and increased referrals fourfold.
  • Reach women within your community that are not attending traditional events because of fear, intimidation or embarrassment.
  • Learn how to incorporate male planners at your firm to successfully run these leads (may not apply to all).
  • Reach the overlooked women in your community, have a ton of fun and make a great living doing it!

Sue Hickey

Owner/Financial Adviser at Your Own Retirement
Cranberry Township, PA

“I cannot state enough how great this training was! I feel energized for my next set of seminars. It will surely help even the most seasoned presenter and those new to this will be totally amazed! This will transform those who are not sure about doing seminars. If you are not doing women events and want to learn from the most passionate person on the subject, or even if you are doing these events, this will be the training and guidance that sets you apart!”


Abby Havermann

Authenticity Enthusiast, Inspiration Seeker, Financial Consultant/Owner at Havermann Financial

"I reached out to Arwen, whose name I had heard several times at an event, and we hit it off instantly. Arwen was incredibly helpful in my beginning to put together a process to be able to reach and help more women with finances. Watching her seminar at a live event and processing it with her afterwards, enabled me to design my own. Arwen enlightened me on everything from how to obtain prospects, to qualifying calls to designing an engaging and effective presentation to setting appointments to sales process with appointments set. I was able to put on some very successful female finance events."


Cristina Acosta

Retirement Lifestyle Planner/Co-Owner of Money Wise

"Arwen Becker is forging a path in the financial services industry by providing women investors the education to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families. As a professional colleague, I have seen Arwen's passion, drive & energy to share best practices with other females advisors to help them achieve similar success in their markets."


Lori Borg

Founder of Northwest Cadence and Business/Marketing Executive of 10th Magnitude

"Arwen is a dynamic speaker who brings confidence, engagement, and positive energy into any room. She is passionate about serving women. She also loves encouraging women to dig deep inside of themselves to tap into their personal strength."


Karyn Damschen

Financial Advisor, Rincon Financial Group
Tuscon, AZ

“As a coach, mentor and friend, you are one of the best financial professionals I have worked with! Your LIFE training given me such a beautiful gift and I cannot adequately express how grateful I am. Your generosity has forever changed my life and through me I will continue to change many, many more lives. I am fired up and can't wait to craft my story and start our seminars! Thank you Arwen for being a voice for women and inspiring me every day!”


Kristal Clark

National Speaker, Founder & Executive Director of Rock Paper Scissors Foundation

One word POWERFUL! Arwen has a way of engaging the crowd. Her heart felt story and  passion will capture any audience.

mary ahearn

Mary Ahearn, CFP®

Owner Rincon Financial Group
Tucson, AZ

“I have been in this business 40 years, at Merrill and EF Hutton in Manhattan, studied with Ed Slott for over 10 years…I have NEVER seen anyone do such a beautifully delivered seminar, engage an audience so warmly, and make it so much fun.  I have NEVER had any colleague share their expertise and insights so openly…You are a total inspiration. Thanks for an amazingly valuable couple of days.”

LIFE with Arwen AE pilot (83)

Lindsey James-West, CFP®

Financial Adviser/Owner

“I loved the blend between a focus on actionable skills we could walk away with, along with the mental game strengtheners in terms of where your values lie and self-care.  We’ve been doing women’s seminars for a few years but I changed up a few things in our presentation based on what I learned with you in January and OMG what a difference a few tweaks can make. Closed 80% of the room and everyone was riveted. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise!  What a gift this event has been…it will continue to pay dividends.” 

About Arwen Becker


After finding myself, at 24, a divorced Zoology grad, I had no clue how to handle my finances and needed a job that could pay my mounting bills, since wildlife rehabilitation could not. Connected by a friend, I went on one job interview in March of 2000 and was offered a job. It was Randy Becker (my now husband) who hired me. Besides him, I also fell in love with the meaningful work of retirement planning and learned, from this seasoned pro, how to care for women in the area of personal finances.

After 17 years in the support and service adviser role, I began my public speaking career. I can easily recall the major trepidation I felt taking that step of faith to give a public event, where I was at the front of the room. With sweaty palms and my teacup shaking, I found the courage to get out there and serve women in my community, even amid my fear. I believed in the process and knew women needed to hear my message, so I refused to let the anxiety I felt stop me.

After I did my first women’s event, I was hooked! We are not a -women’s only- firm, we employ many great men and some of those are our advisors, BUT being -women-focused- has changed the landscape of everything we do, with the number one promise to -leave people better than we found them-…that includes YOU!