U.S. wealth controlled
by women is set
to triple by 2030…

Arwen will show your advisors
how to capture it

Arwen educates financial professionals on how to effectively
tap into the women’s market and to transform their financial
practice by serving women more effectively.


Make Women a Priority
and You will Explode
Your Practice

For Financial Professionals

Arwen shares how she nearly destroyed her 17-year practice (and marriage) to fix a “lack of leads” problem. That crisis led to a major marketing shift towards the women’s market. She arms financial professionals with the tools to begin accessing this market and to secure their own financial future.

She Handled It!
Financial Event

For women

In this raw and empowering keynote based on her book,
“She Handled It, So Can You!”, Arwen uses her own mistakes to help women understand the unique challenges they face and educate them on the next steps to thrive financially.

Speaking Testimonials
“…STUNNING PERFORMANCE…takes you through an emotional journey that leaves you TRANSFORMED.”

Wakako Wheelock

Keynote speaker, founder of Neurika

“…an INCREDIBLE thought leader for women, helping them ACHIEVE their GREATEST financial potential!”

Fabian Guerra

COO, Guerra Financial, Miami, FL

“…ACTIONABLE ADVICE on how to advance your career, increase your income, and just have a better QUALITY OF LIFE…”

Sheryl Hickerson

CEO of Females & Finance Host of The “F” Word Podcast

“Arwen’s PASSIONATE UNDERSTANDING of how women approach their money challenges makes her a FORCE OF NATURE…”

Jacqueline Wales

Keynote Speaker/Author of ‘The Fearless Factor ‘and ‘The Fearless Factor @ Work’

“…ENERGY matched only by her KNOWLEDGE and ability to tell RIVITING STORIES. A+ speaker!!”

Lisa Fain

Keynote Speaker, Author and CEO of Center for Mentoring Excellence, Mercer Island, WA

“…DYNAMIC speaker who brings confidence and POSITIVE ENERGY into any room.”

Lori Borg

Senior VP, Chief Growth Officer, MCA Connect

“One word, POWERFUL! Her PASSION will capture any audience.”

Kristal Klear

National Speaker/Founder, Rock Paper Scissors Foundation, Tacoma, WA

“Arwen was fantastic! Highly engaging! Arwen had our attendees laughing and we hope to have her back soon!”

Megan Managan

Washington Bankers Association

“I booked 51 appointments in my last 3 events! I got emotional when talking about PROVIDING HOPE to women…Thank you Arwen for the INSPIRATION!”

Amber Kelly

Financial Advisor, Global Wealth Management, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“You want to PAY ATTENTION and be present, so you don’t miss a word!”

Judy Hoberman

Bestselling author and iHeart Radio Podcast Host of ‘Selling in a Skirt’


Mackey McNeill

Founder of MACKEY, The Prosperity People, Author of Prosperity Playbook

Why Arwen
  • Spoken with 1000’s of women regarding money
  • Gives 30+ women’s events annually
  • Understands what is needed to reach the massive, underserved women’s market
  • Generates hundreds of leads annually through speaking for offices around the nation
  • Owned Becker Retirement Group for 22 years
  • Understands intimately the struggle women AND advisors face
  • As a Division 1 volleyball player and endurance athlete, she relates very well to men and the hesitancy most of them have about actively marketing to women
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