She Handled It, So Can You!

An Inspiring and Empowering Financial Guide for Women

About the book

When there’s a crisis at work, she handles it. When a parent, child, or spouse is ill and needs more care, she gives up her time and resources . . . and handles it. In professional and personal circles, when things go sideways, women sacrifice time, energy, and money to handle it, often to their own detriment.

Finances are no different. In an industry that speaks a very masculine language, it’s time to acknowledge that women are not a “cute little niche,” nor are they “flaky.” Financial education often takes a back seat since women are busy doing things that truly matter, tending to the people they love. But 80 percent of men die married and 80 percent of women die single. A woman bears the ultimate responsibility for her financial security and she will likely be “the last woman standing,” left holding the bag after a divorce, elderly parent care, or the death of a spouse.

Arwen shares the life lessons that she has garnered through speaking with thousands of women about their money over the past two decades. Through childhood financial struggles, many personal failures, witnessing her mom’s inspirational financial journey, and a few wild creature rescues, Arwen explores each step along her money journey with humor, deep honesty, and fascinating stories. Her raw trials and triumphs are sure to help readers understand that, after a very rough start and many mistakes, if

She Handled It, So Can You!

Book Testimonials
“I simply could not put it down!”

Judy Hoberman

iHeart Radio and podcast host of “Selling In A Skirt”, TEDx Speaker and best selling author of Walking on the Glass Floor

“Arwen, you did it! Weary of stereotypical stories about women and money – then this book is the one you need.”

Sheryl Brown-Hickerson

CEO of Females & Finance, National Speaker and host of The F Word podcast

“Women are so much stronger than they think! Her practical stories will help any reader have the confidence to take action toward their financial dreams.”

Jen Du Plessis

National Speaker, Podcast Host, Mortgage Mastery Mentor, CEO of Kinetic Spark Consulting

“It is a must-read, Arwen will move your heart. She will inspire your life and teach you solid financial principles to empower you!”

Stephanie Fullerton

Owner of Fullerton Financial Planning, National Speaker, Radio Host of Fullerton Financial Hour and author of Living a Happy, Healthy, and Inspired Retirement

“Reading this book is like sitting down with your best girlfriend. Arwen turns boring spreadsheets into funny, raw, and real stories that inspire and inform. Every woman needs to read this book!”

Marcella Allison

Founder of, a Women-Only Business Network and author of Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before; Wit and Wisdom from Women in Business

“This book will give you the confidence to know that you are not alone and that no matter where you are you can win in your finances and in life.”

Eva Macias

Financial Adviser, National Speaker, CEO of Eva Macias & Associates, bestselling author of A Latina’s Guide to Money

“Arwen has lived through, and genuinely understands, the financial pitfalls that woman uniquely face, that’s what makes her new book so refreshing.”

Wendy Posillico

Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Founder of Strands of Strength

“I used to think if I didn’t make a lot of money, I couldn’t have a good retirement, but thanks to Arwen’s wisdom in “She Handled It, So Can You!” – I know can too!”

Natalie Stephens Herrington

Author of The Forgotten Ones, Student Life Director at Compassionate Hope Foundation

About The Author

Arwen Becker has helped thousands of women live a better financial life. She spent many years as a financial advisor and twenty-two years as co-owner of Becker Retirement Group with her husband Randy. In June of 2022, they sold their retirement planning firm, affording her the opportunity to focus full-time on her mission: inspiring and empowering women to rise up and take personal financial responsibility.

Arwen furthers this mission by arming elite financial advisors across the nation with the proper tools to succeed in their practice. Through her partnership with Next Level Advisors, Arwen mentors advisors and planners to better understand how women learn differently, how to craft an effective seminar and delivery, and best practices to thrive in marketing to women. Most importantly she helps them generate leads to run their practice successfully.

Arwen speaks nationally, is an author of multiple books and collaborations, the creator of the YouVersion Women & Money devotional, is the host of the She Handled It! podcast and is often featured as a guest expert on TD Ameritrade Network, Yahoo Finance, and many others. She is a proud mom to three boys and a daughter-in-law, is an endurance athlete, 3x 29029 Everesting finisher, who loves to travel with her hubby.

Arwen Becker Author