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Our next speaker has been a guest expert on TD Ameritrade Network, Yahoo Finance and many other national news programs.

For 23 years she co-owned Becker Retirement Group with her husband Randy.

In 2017, after transitioning the firm to focus primarily on women, they experienced an unexpected and explosive increase in leads and profitability.

She has authored multiple books about women, money, retirement, and business.

As the 2nd shortest on a division 1 volleyball team, she learned that preparation will get through just about anything—including a cougar attack.

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Arwen’s Bios

Arwen becker in a Post

Arwen Becker transitioned from 22-year co-owner of Becker Retirement Group to full-time speaker, author and mentor, specializing in women-focused financial marketing.

Arwen Becker In Two Sentences

Arwen Becker transitioned from 22-year co-ownership of Becker Retirement Group to full-time keynote speaker and mentor, specializing in women-focused marketing and financial practice management. 2x Author, podcast host, endurance athlete, wife, and proud mom.

Arwen Becker In 100-Words

Arwen Becker, once co-owner of Becker Retirement Group, now dedicates her time to keynote speaking and mentoring elite financial advisors and agents nationwide. Partnering with Next Level Advisors, she guides financial advisors and agents in excelling at women-focused marketing and effective practice management, ensuring consistent leads and referrals.

Arwen is a 2-time author, podcast host of She Handled It!®, and creator of the YouVersion Women & Money devotional. Her expertise earns her frequent spots as a guest expert on national news programs and podcasts.

Proudly balancing motherhood with her passions, she finds joy in endurance athletics and global travel with her husband.

Arwen Becker in 30 Seconds

Arwen Becker, formerly co-owner of Becker Retirement Group with her husband, now focuses on keynote speaking and mentoring financial professionals nationwide. After a decade of focusing predominately on women, Arwen excels in guiding financial advisors in women-focused marketing and practice management, ensuring leads and effortless referrals.

Arwen is a 2-time author, podcast host, and creator of the YouVersion Women & Money devotional. Her expertise earns her frequent guest expert spots on national news programs.

Arwen is proud mother of three boys, is an accomplished endurance athlete and a devoted wife who cherishes traveling the globe with her husband.

A/V Requirements & Needs
Essential Toolkit

Arwen ensures every session is equipped with:

  • Logitech R500s Laser Remote Clicker with Dual Connectivity
  • A backup UBS with her PowerPoint Presentation
  • USB C Male to USB 3.0 Female Adapter
  • Presentations designed for clarity on widescreen formats
  • Backup batteries for uninterrupted sessions

To support Arwen’s KEYNOTE, please provide:

  • CountryMan microphone preferred, or Lavalier if not available (avoid handheld mics for optimal audience experience)
  • PowerPoint loaded on event laptop for soundcheck
  • High-quality sound system for superior audience enjoyment
  • Tech check time at least 30 minutes before the event for thorough technical run-through
  • Confidence monitor preferred
  • Visible countdown timer or clock
Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arwen ever speak for free?

Absolutely! Arwen offers several free speaking engagements annually for causes close to her heart. Tight budget or non-profit? Reach out—she’d love to assist!

What’s Arwen’s in-person keynote fee?

Arwen’s fee ranges from FREE to $15,000 per day, covering travel expenses (excluding hotel) and various inclusions (see FAQ below about “inclusions”). Rates fluctuate, with peak booking seasons incurring higher costs. Fill out the ‘Put Your Date On Hold’ form for a prompt response about your specific event.

Is Arwen’s keynote exclusively for female financial professionals?

Definitely not. It stems from Arwen and her husband’s joint efforts, generating leads for many advisors, with 75% being men. Arwen’s speech aims to aid ALL advisors, planners and agents in effectively serving women.

What does Arwen’s speaking fee include?

Arwen’s day rate includes: 60-minute keynote, 100 books, book-signing, 100 printed workbooks, two downloadable workbooks (for singles and couples), promo video, pre/post-podcast interview, travel (excluding hotel), and full-day event presence. Whether round-table, panel, breakout, or keynote, she’s fully committed to maximizing audience engagement!

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