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Thriving in the financial industry is tough for all of us. We’re wanting to provide financial peace of mind for our clients, yet personally, we’re facing our own financial insecurity, evidenced by the fact that nearly 90% of us will quit this business in the first three years; #1 reason, lack of leads. 

What if you could differentiate yourself and virtually eliminate the competition? Boost your referrals by 3x effortlessly? Stretch the marketing dollars your already spending? Don’t let fear, or old ways of thinking, stop you from harnessing this massive wave of wealth; Arwen will help you catch it before it’s gone!

Speaking Testimonials
“…STUNNING PERFORMANCE…an emotional journey that leaves you TRANSFORMED!”

Wakako Wheelock

Keynote speaker, founder of Neurika

“What a Message!”

Tom Love

Founder, The Breakaway League and Professionals Forum

“Arwen delivers a masterful talk! she helps empower all of us (yes, even men!)”

David H. Kinder, ChFC®, CLU®

Keynote Speaker and IARFC Host

“Amazing Presenter! Timely and Important message.”

Mickey O’Neill

Radio Host and Author of How to do Talk Radio for Fun and Profit

“…Highly engaging! Arwen had our attendees laughing. hope to have her back soon!”

Megan Managan

Dir. of Public Affairs, Washington Bankers Association

“…ACTIONABLE ADVICE…to advance career, increase income…a better QUALITY OF LIFE!”

Sheryl Hickerson

CEO of Females & Finance

“Arwen’s Deep UNDERSTANDING of how women approach money makes her a FORCE OF NATURE…”

Jacqueline Wales

Speaker and Author of The Fearless Factor

“…RIVITING STORIES. A+ speaker!!”

Lisa Fain

Keynote Speaker, Author and CEO of Center for Mentoring Excellence

“…DYNAMIC speaker who brings confidence and POSITIVE ENERGY into any room.”

Lori Borg

Senior VP, Chief Growth Officer, MCA Connect

“One word, POWERFUL!”

Kristal Klear

National Speaker and Founder of Rock Paper Scissors Foundation

“PAY ATTENTION and be present…don’t miss a word!”

Judy Hoberman

Bestselling author and iHeart Radio Podcast Host of Selling in a Skirt


Mackey McNeill

Founder of MACKEY and Author of Prosperity Playbook

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Event Calendar
Sep 29, 2023

IARFC Practice Building Summit


To recognize world class financial consultants and empower them to make a difference in the financial lives of the families and communities they serve and stimulate consistent growth.

Mar 1, 2024

The professionals Forum

Country Music HOF – Nashville, TN

The Professional Forum will reveal the strategies top producers use to increase results for their business. New marketing ideas, professional development and sales strategies.

May 17, 2024

WIISE workshop & Retreat

Boulders Resort – Scottsdale, az

Women in Insurance Sharing Empowerment will delve into maintaining your inner fire without burning out in today’s interconnected personal and professional landscape.

Why Arwen
  • Spoken with 1000’s of women regarding money
  • Given 100’s of financial events for women
  • Understands what is needed to reach the massive, underserved women’s market
  • Mentors both male and female advisors across the nation to excel in this area
  • Owned Becker Retirement Group for 23 years
  • Understands intimately the struggle women AND advisors face
  • As an endurance athlete, she relates very well to men and the hesitancy most of them have about actively marketing to women
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