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Arwen speaks internationally giving keynote presentations at conferences and for charity events. She also customizes talks for companies, women’s groups, entrepreneurs, financial advisors and young women.

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Kristal Clark

National Speaker, Founder & Executive Director of Rock Paper Scissors Foundation

"One word POWERFUL! Arwen has a way of engaging the crowd. Her heart felt story and  passion will capture any audience."


Lori Borg

Founder of Northwest Cadence and Business/Marketing Executive of 10th Magnitude

"Arwen is a dynamic speaker who brings confidence, engagement, and positive energy into any room. She is passionate about serving women. She also loves encouraging women to dig deep inside of themselves to tap into their personal strength."

Sheryl Hickerson

CEO of Females and Finance and Host of The F Word Podcast

“Arwen Becker is a one-of-a-kind thought leader on the real issues which affect women. She doesn't hold anything back. Listening to Arwen, you will receive actionable advice, tips and hear relatable stories on how to become a better version of yourself, advance your career, increase your income, help you have more influence, and just have a better quality of life, both personally and professionally."

Judy Hoberman

iHeart Radio and Podcast Host of Selling in a Skirt and Bestselling author of Walking on the Glass Floor

"When Arwen speaks, people listen. She speaks from her heart and gives advice from her head. You want to pay attention and be present so you don't miss a word. Arwen understands what women need and that's what makes her someone you want to hire!"

Fabian Guerra

COO of Guerra Financial Group

“Arwen is an incredible thought leader for women across the country, helping them achieve their greatest financial potential. When we wanted a woman to speak to our female clients, she was the top of our list! A true inspiration to all those fighting for their dreams to come true. She’s a powerhouse like no other!”

Fahren Johnson

Youth and Community Advocate for Tacoma School District, and Author of A View of Redemption

“To watch Arwen hold the attention of hundreds of urban middle school girls was awesome! Most of our students are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and to see how well she connected with them through her personal stories and challenges is just a testament and confirmation that we are not as different as we think. This is especially important when it comes to communicating to young people who are on the journey of becoming and understanding how to be good stewards of their finances. She will always be on the Seeds of Peace speaker roster!”

Carla Haskins

Executive Pastor, Churchome

“I'll never forget the first time I heard Arwen's speak. I was so personally impacted by her story and journey and now her life's mission and work to empower, support, and financially care for women.  I was also inspired by her tenacity, her boldness, and most of all her courage to give this message everything she's got.  She's genuinely excited about equipping women, is a standout in this field and undaunted in her pursuit of this purpose.  She is not only blazing a trail for women but is an ambassador for the generations ahead.”

Signature Keynotes


She Handled It, So Can

A Presentation for Women

What You Will Learn

Money mistakes Arwen made during her life, and what she learned

  • Good and Not-so-good News for Women and Money
  • Tangible versus Intangible – understanding what women value and how that ties to their money
  • No “micro-climates” of investing/planning, bringing all the pieces together
  • How to take responsibility, whether married or not
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It’s Okay to Want to Quit, Just Don’t

A Presentation for Entrepreneurs

What You Will Learn

  • Business mistakes Arwen made over 20 years, and what she learned
  • How to evolve within your company as your direction and passions change
  • Understanding self-care and solid morning routine to avoid burnout
  • Deep value of mentorship and counsel, how to pick a coach
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Differentiation is More Important than Ever

A Presentation for Financial Advisors

What You Will Learn

  • Unbelievable side by side comparison of value of women’s event versus traditional event open to all
  • Appropriately and successfully accessing the HUGE untapped women’s market
  • Understanding how women learn differently and nuances of that language from marketing materials to bringing her on a new client
  • Reaching women within your community that feel fear, intimidation or embarrassment surrounding money
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Breakout Training


Morning Routine and Daily Efficiency

What You Will Learn

  • 91-day Accountability tracking for personal and professional balance and progress
  • Best practices for morning routine and greatest success for the day
  • Time blocking, simple techniques to protect time and energy
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Yearly Marketing Calendar for Entrepreneurs

What You Will Learn

  • Why a posted yearly calendar matters to your entire team
  • Order of priorities when building it
  • Walk through the process of creation and backfilling important parts leading up to the events/campaigns
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Crafting a public seminar to generate leads

What You Will Learn

  • Best Practices for set up and team members functions before, during and after
  • Imperative components and a seminar close for appointments on the spot without gimmicks
  • How to increase ratio of appointments sticking whether in-person or virtual
  • Value of integrating stories
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