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Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me about the incredible Win Her Trust Event. I can already feel the excitement building!

I’ve crafted a tailored session description for my keynote, Unseen Wave of Wealth, that I believe will ignite passion and inspiration within your group.

Take a moment to review curated experiences I’ll be creating for your event, encompassing everything from pre-event preparation to post-event follow-up, along with all the elements covered in my quoted day rate. Feel free to discuss with me the removal of any inclusions that may not align with your audience’s needs or your budget constraints.

Let’s schedule another call soon to answer any questions you have to ensure we create magic together for your event!


Arwen Becker


UNSEEN WAVE OF WEALTH: Dramatically Increase Your Profitability, Referrals and Personal Financial Success!

Thriving in the financial industry is challenging. While we strive to offer clients financial peace of mind, our lack of personal financial security is evident in the fact that nearly 90% of us quit the industry within three years, the main reason, lack of leads.

What if you could stand out from the competition, triple your referrals effortlessly, maximize your marketing budget, and achieve personal and financial fulfillment? There is a simple way, yet you’re likely overlooking it, think everyone’s doing it, or because of fear and confusion, you’re avoiding it. 

In 2029, the daily wave of 10,000 Boomers turning 65 ends, but a new wave begins. Over the next decade, women are set to inherit approximately two-thirds of the $30 trillion wealth currently held by Baby Boomers, granting them control over an estimated 60% of U.S. wealth. This is why industry experts like Forbes and others emphasize it as one of the most promising areas to focus on in the coming decade. 

In this exhilarating keynote, Arwen will share multiple case-studies of firms that have crushed it in the women’s market (majority male-owned), and why she initially struggled, even as a woman. Additionally, you will learn:

  • A powerful framework that maximizes your current marketing investment, amplifying profitability and effortlessly generating referrals.
  • How to sidestep the pitfalls of “pink it and shrink it” marketing strategies, unveiling why conventional marketing methods often miss the mark with the female audience.
  • How to swiftly establish trust with potential clients by harnessing the compelling force of storytelling.

Don’t allow fear or outdated beliefs hold you back from seizing this massive wave of wealth; with Arwen’s guidance, you can catch it before it’s too late!

What They’re Saying!

“Arwen was fantastic and the perfect addition to our Women in Banking Conference. Her session was highly engaging and entertaining, perfectly blending stories from her life with advice from her years as a financial advisor – we hope to have her back soon!”

Megan Managan, Director of Public Affairs, Washington Bankers Association

“Pay attention, be present, don’t miss a word!”

Judy Hoberman, Best-Selling Author, iHeart Radio Podcast Host of Selling in a Skirt

“Arwen delivers a masterful presentation!  She has been where all professionals have all been at one time or another in our careers, and she helps empower all of us (yes, even men!) to reach out to help bring empathy and understanding to the largest, yet most misunderstood market demographic in financial services today: women.”

David H. Kinder, RFC®, ChFC®, CLU®, Keynote Speaker and IARFC Host

“What a message!”

Tom Love, Keynote Speaker, Founder of The Breakaway League

“…ACTIONABLE ADVICE to advance your career and increase your income to achieve a better QUALITY OF LIFE!”

Sheryl Hickerson, CEO of Females & Finance, Host of the Financial Rockstar Podcast

The Experience
Promotion & Preparation

When it comes to captivating your audience and crafting an unforgettable event, trust me to deliver excellence. From a dynamic promo video to engaging and exciting podcast interviews, I specialize in igniting excitement and anticipation among attendees.

Yet, a remarkable keynote transcends mere hype. I am dedicated to meticulous preparation, delving into the nuances of your audience to tailor my presentation for profound resonance and transformative impact. Through a personalized experience, I assure an enduring imprint that leaves attendees inspired, empowered, and armed with new tools to enhance financial success in their own lives.

During The Virtual Event

I am committed to maximizing the impact of my time at your event. To ensure I deliver the utmost value, I prioritize being available for the hour before and the hour after I speak.

I’m flexible and open to various activities such as participating in a panel discussion, Q & A, or other unique components tailored to your event. This enables attendees to engage with me, ask questions, and glean additional insights, enhancing their overall event experience.

Let’s work together to brainstorm ideas and create an event that exceeds the expectations of your attendees.

After the Event

At the core of my mission is the commitment to elevate your post-event journey, ensuring it remains both enriching and influential, setting a high standard for future events.

Within a week of the event’s conclusion, we deliver comprehensive audience feedback on my session and the overall event. This illuminates the event’s reach and impact, highlighting how my session has reshaped attendees’ perspectives and anything else they found notable.


  • One 60-Minute Virtual Keynote (this can be reduced to a 45-Minute Talk without losing too much impact)
  • One 60 to 90 Second Custom Promo Video
  • 100 Signed Copies of She Handled It® Retirement for you to send out to your attendees
  • Two Downloadable 12-page Workbooks for Single Women & Couples
  • Pre- or Post-Event Podcast Interview
  • Panel Discussion
  • 3-hour availability for any event planner needs

Next Steps

I have put August 26th on hold for you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rachel and I are happy to help and can send along a speaker agreement for you to review when you’re ready. Looking forward to this!



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In 2023, Arwen Becker transitioned from 22-year co-ownership of Becker Retirement Group to full-time keynote speaker and mentor, specializing in women-focused marketing and financial practice management. She is a 2x Author, podcast host, endurance athlete, wife, and proud mom of three boys.