Alayne Reesberg

003: Reinvention Takes Courage with Alayne Reesberg

Growing up largely invisible to her parents, Alayne Reesberg learned autonomy at a very young age. Yet at home she was constantly surrounded by books, which filled much of...
Arwen Becker

002: It’s Okay to Want to Quit, Just Don’t with Arwen Becker

When life is collapsing in on you, yet your personal and professional lives are intertwined, how do you persevere? After 17 years of working together, Arwen and...
Arwen Becker

001: Welcome to She Handled It with Arwen Becker

Welcome to the She Handled It with Arwen Becker. In this podcast, Arwen highlights women from different areas of study, ethnicities and backgrounds, who openly share with her one...

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